Control Measures

There have been concerns expressed that dust from ground level activities such as quarrying, stockpiles, loading and unloading operations and traffic movement around the site has an impact on the community.

Rapid rise doors

We are aware of potential sources of fugitive dust and along with rigorous monitoring, we continue to undertake a wide range of actions to address these, including:

  • Weekly site wide review of all environmental incidents
  • Hard surface roads swept and dampened daily
  • Regular dust inspections
  • Installation of rapid raise doors
  • De-dusting (dust collectors) and recycling on top of all silos
  • Regular maintenance and inspection of all site dust collectors
  • All trucks tarped and passed through a truck wash before leaving the site
  • Continuous stack emissions monitoring on all kilns
  • Regalular external stack testing
  • Electrostatic precipitators and bag filtering systems on all kilns

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Community Participation

Hosting community participation meetings is an inclusive and effective way to identify, discuss and resolve potential issues relating to our Angaston Plant operations. We will keep you informed of upcoming meeting dates via this website. more >>

Adelaide Brighton Cement's Angaston's site will be testing its siren facilities periodically on Wednesday, June 6 between 9:00am to 5:00pm.