Environmental Improvement Plan

Adelaide Brighton is licensed under the Environment Protection Act 1993 to operate a cement works at the Angaston Plant. The object of the Operating Licence is to minimise emissions and impacts associated with the operation of the cement and quicklime manufacturing facility.

To do this we are continuously addressing a range of issues including stack emissions, fugitive dust, noise and any environmental issues raised by the community.


Key activities undertaken  include:

  • Key focus on improving dust and noise performance
  • Capturing and diverting dust back into the process
  • Comprehensive waste elimination and dust minimisation program
  • Ongoing program of plant vegetation and greening
  • Noise mitigation measures and comprehensive monitoring program to ensure compliance with the EPA Noise Quality Policy

Community Participation

Hosting community participation meetings is an inclusive and effective way to identify, discuss and resolve potential issues relating to our Angaston Plant operations. We will keep you informed of upcoming meeting dates via this website. more >>

Adelaide Brighton Cement's Angaston's site will be testing its siren facilities periodically on Wednesday, June 6 between 9:00am to 5:00pm.