As part of our commitment to sustainability a cross-functional waste and product recycling team was formed at the Angaston Plant. The team's primary objective is to reduce and eventually eliminate all waste to landfill.  To achieve this goal, the team is following a systematic improvement process. This includes:

  • Identifying and defining improvement opportunities
  • Establish the root cause of waste
  • Monitoring and measuring all improvements and
  • Standardising processes and systems

Some of the improvement opportunities identified include:

  • Improving housekeeping and elimination of reoccurring spillage issues
  • Monitoring and measuring hot spots
  • Purchasing a portable mobile vacuum / recycling unit
  • Process improvements to reduce reject materials
  • Recycling material back through the process
  • Reusing material as road-base around the site
  • Introducing a more comprehensive maintenance program on belts, conveyors and skirts

Despite the program being in its early stages, significant improvements have been made including the reduction of approximately 250 tonnes of landfill.

Community Participation

Hosting community participation meetings is an inclusive and effective way to identify, discuss and resolve potential issues relating to our Angaston Plant operations. We will keep you informed of upcoming meeting dates via this website. more >>

Adelaide Brighton Cement's Angaston's site will be testing its siren facilities periodically on Wednesday, June 6 between 9:00am to 5:00pm.