Rehabilitation Program

RehabIn accordance with our licence, we manage an Environmental Improvement Plan, endorsed by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to reduce our environmental impact. A key part of our Environmental Improvement Plan is a comprehensive rehabilitation, vegetation and landscaping program at the Angaston Plant.

A concerted effort has revitalised the 25-hectare site that was once described as a 'highly disturbed wasteland'. Weed species have been identified and removed and a rigorous planting program has reintroduced indigenous plant species in the area.

Plants like onion weed, apple, ox-tongue thistle, fennel and bamboo grass have been replaced with a variety of eucalypts, acacias and smaller native shrubs like Christmas Bush.

Since rehabilitation started, more than 3,000 native species plants have been planted.


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Monthly Fire Alarm Testing

Site testing of Alarm Siren occurs on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 10.00am.

COVID-19 Statement

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